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Trade and Wholesale Questions

Questions About Artwork

Q. I need an accurate price for my customer – how do I work this out?
A. The easiest way is to email a low resolution visual to us. We can produce a quote so you know exactly what the job will cost before going ahead.

Q. What are your lead times?
A. If you require an actual fabric sample this takes 14 – 21 days approximately from receipt of artwork. Despatch is then a further 21 – 28 days from confirmation of sample.

Q. Is there a quicker route?
A. Yes, if you are prepared to forgo the fabric sample. Then we can turn the order around in approximately 28 days with an emailed visual only being sent before the actual print run. However for complicated colour jobs we do advise a sample if at all possible.

Q. This lead time is still too long, what can I do?
A. Whilst we cannot promise anything as we are normally very busy, it is always worth giving us a call to see if we can rush the job through, especially if the job is just being printed in a single colour.

Q. What are your artwork specifications?
A. Please send digital files at no less that 300dpi at actual print size. We can accept pdf, jpg, tif and eps files plus Photoshop and Illustrator files. Please ensure any fonts are either raterised or converted to outlines or alternatively please include the font folder in PC format. If you want to send in another file format please call to discuss suitability.

Q. Do you have templates for the various products so we can set the artwork up ourselves?
A. Yes we have templates for all the products. Please contact us and we can email them to you.

Q. How can I send my artwork?
A. If your file is under 7mb we can receive it by email otherwise many of our customers are using internet services such as You Send it or Drop Box for larger files. Alternatively a CD in the good old Royal Mail still does the job.


Questions About Ordering

Q. What happens once you have received my artwork and order?
A. We will send out an order confirmation in around 7 days from receipt of your order confirming the sample date, lead times for despatch plus details of products required, delivery addresses etc. Please check your order confirmation carefully and inform us if any changes are required at this stage.

Q. I have received my emailed visual/sample and I am happy to go ahead – what do I do now?
A. Please contact us by email or return the confirmation form enclosed with the sample to confirm your order. You can also confirm initially by phone too if you like so we can be getting on with your order whilst we wait for your written confirmation to arrive.

Q. What are your minimum order quantities?
A. Our minimum order is for 100 of any one item.

Q. Do I have to pay pro-forma?
A. We normally only produce a pro-forma invoice on the first order after which we are then happy to produce the goods on account (provided our payment terms are adhered to). The pro-forma invoice is normally sent out at the sample stage so you do not have to pay it until you have seen the sample. However we do ask for the pro-forma to be paid within 14 days and definitely before the goods are despatched (please remember to allow time for your payment to clear).

Q. What are your payment terms for future orders?
A. Our payment terms are 30 days.

Q. How can I pay?
A. We accept cheques or payment by BACS. The BACS details are printed on the invoice.

Q. Can you deliver under plain cover?
A. Yes we can deliver under plain cover – please advise when ordering.

Q. If I want to re-order do I have to pay the setting up costs again?
A. No you pay these on the first order only.


Questions About Manufacture and Packaging

Q. I want to add my own sew-in labels – can this be done?
A. Yes we can add labels. We ask the customer to provide us with the labels to our specification. We are able to supply the names of label manufacturing companies we can recommend – please contact us for details.

Q. I want a specific handle length on my bag / a different sized apron / my labels sewn in to the seam in a special position / a product you do not already produce? Etc, etc
A. Please contact us as we have our own in-house sewing unit and can make your product to your specific requirements adding all sorts of bespoke features.

Q. I need my products packed in a specific way – can you do this?
A. Yes we have an in-house Quality Control and Despatch department that can individually package items as required. We can also print and attach swing tickets, barcodes, inserts, headers, wrap-arounds etc so please ask if you require anything along these lines too.

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