Tea Towels

Tea towels – we love them and so do you too it seems,
judging by the hundreds of thousands we sell every year.

Tea towels are a great seller!

Tea towels, in our eyes, are not just a humble kitchen textile. Instead they
are a magnificent blank canvas awaiting our customer’s wonderfully inspired
ideas; allowing us to then turn their concepts into tea towel works-of-art
to be cherished.

  • Tea towels can remind us of a visit to a wonderful museum exhibition
  • A tea towel can be a keep-sake of a special moment in a child’s life
  • Tea towels can inform
  • Tea towels can advertise
  • A tea towel can be beautiful for its own sake
  • A Tea towel can be environmentally friendly
  • Tea towels can raise funds
  • Tea towels can be a wonderful souvenir of a memorable
    summer holiday.

And let’s not forget – when all is said and done
– you can dry the dishes with them too!

For more information on the different tea towel
fabrics available and styles of printing please go to
Product Categories at the top of the page.

If you have any more inspired ideas of what a
great tea towel design can achieve –
let us know and we will feature them on our blog.