The Digital Revolution Starts Here!

World Exclusive!  We now have the first Aeoon digital printing machine of its type, any where in the world, installed in our factory.

This is cutting-edge new digital technology.  Using a revolutionary new type of print heads, this machine is capable of printing incredibly high resolution full colour images on to bags, tea towels, aprons, kitchen textiles, t-shirts, panels and canvases at a print quality only previously achievable in the fine art market.

This machine is going to be great for printing short runs in multi-colour which previously would have been very expensive to set up using traditional direct screen-printing techniques.  (There is a link to a You Tube video of the machine in action on the blog).

It will allow our customers to produce small runs of superb quality full colour products, to test the market without risk, and not have to outlay large amounts of money in stock.

Please contact our Sales Team to discuss any aspect of our new digital printing service.

Welcome to the future of textile printing and you’ve seen it here first at Countryside Art!